Meet Our Team

The Information & Technology Services department is spread across three schools and the district office. We are focused on best serving our students and staff with a combination of technology, media, and audio/visual staff members.

District Office  
Name Role
John Connolly Chief Technology Officer
Donna Warner Administrative Assistant to the Chief Technology Officer
Marce Gonzalez Operations Manager
Mike Caruso Network Administrator
Seth Wilkerson Device & Support Administrator
Scott Anthony Management Information Systems Manager
Terri Nelson Application Analyst
Name Role
James Szostak Technology Support Technician
David Haake Technology Support Specialist
Alicia Jackson Information Technology Support Assistant
Justin Japcon Information Technology Support Assistant
Tracy McHale Audio/Visual
Name Role
John Srebalus Technology Support Technician
Susan Stark Technology Support Specialist
Bowen Mangabhai Technology Support Assistant
Chris Moore Technology Support Assistant
Name Role
David Love Technology Support Technician
Chris Jenner Technology Support Specialist
Diane Stefanovich Technology Support Assistant
Nancy Maracic Audio/Visual


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