7.260 - Exemption from Physical Activity

Exemption from Physical Activity

In order to be excused from participation in physical education, a student must present an appropriate excuse from his or her parent/guardian or from a person licensed under the Medical Practice Act.  The excuse may be based on medical or religious prohibitions.  State law prohibits a school board from honoring parental excuses based upon a student’s participation in athletic training, activities or competitions conducted outside the auspices of the School District.

Special activities in physical education and/or units of instruction will be provided for a student whose physical or emotional condition, as determined by a person licensed under the Medical Practice Act, prevents his or her participation in the physical education course.

A student requiring adapted physical education must receive that service in accordance with his or her Individualized Educational Program/Plan (IEP).

A student who is eligible for special education may be excused from physical education courses in either of the following situations:

1.  He or she (a) is in grades 9-12, (b) his or her IEP requires that special education support and services be provided during physical education time, and (c) the parent/guardian agrees or the IEP team makes the determination; or

2.  He or she (a) has an IEP, (b) is participating in an adaptive athletic program outside of the school setting, and (c) the parent/guardian documents the student’s participation as required by the Superintendent or designee.


LEGAL REF.:   105 ILCS 5/27-6.

                        23 Ill.Admin.Code §1.420(p).

CROSS REF.:   6:60

ADOPTED:       October 4, 1999

REVISED:         May 19, 2011; November 19, 2015

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