Superintendent's Message

Making connections
I continued to make connections with a variety of community members this week as part of our ongoing engagement efforts. 
Tuesday marked the first Student Advisory of the school year at Sandburg. The students enthusiastically shared about the smooth start to the school year and the exciting details of Homecoming week. They also raved about having Chromebooks and how they are being used in their classes. They love not having to lug around a heavy backpack filled with binders and books since they access the majority of their class materials on Canvas and Google. 
Following our meeting, I toured several classes at Sandburg where I saw students actively engaged in learning, many using their Chromebooks. Lisa Greenhill's Culinary 1 students were split between two activities. Some practicing knife techniques cutting vegetables while others reviewed a lesson and took a quiz on their Chromebooks. Christine Borst's physics students were at their own pace using materials on their Chromebooks as she worked individually with students. Chris Milo's geology students were completing a lab which incorporated Canvas on their Chromebooks. Abdallah Faraj's graphic arts students were learning Photoshop basics in the lab. It was obvious that teachers are using the Digital Learning tools to enhance the experience for their students and customize lessons to meet their needs.
On Tuesday night, Eric Olsen and I met with Palos District 118 parents at their PTO meeting. They too were grateful for a smooth start to the school year and a bit anxious about the Class of 2022 beginning their transition to high school soon. The veteran high school parents in the group assured them that District 230 has a comprehensive plan to make the transition to Sandburg, Stagg and Andrew seamless for both students and parents.
Last night the School Board held its annual combined meeting of the School Board, Foundation Board and parent leaders. This meeting allows for networking among these important leaders who work tirelessly to support our schools and district. Each organization shared their goals for the year and how the groups can support each other. I will continue to meet with the parent group leaders through my Parent Advisory several times during the school year. We truly are blessed to have such dedicated individuals assisting our schools.
I am grateful for the opportunity to meet with our stakeholders to share our story and to find ways that we can work together for the betterment of all. This is who we are.
Growth Mindset: This Is Who We Are


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