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A message from District 230 Superintendent Dr. James M. Gay about happenings at Sandburg, Stagg and Andrew High Schools
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It has been a fantastic start to the 2017-18 school year! Thank you to each and every one of you who helped prepare our schools to be ready for the more than 7,500 students who arrived for the first days of school this week. It truly takes the dedicated efforts of each of you to pull this off! And you did it so well that it makes opening a new school year look easy! 
As I said at our opening Institute Day gathering: This is who we are!
Let's make it a great year of learning!
Dr. Jim Gay
This Is Who We Are
Institute Day Highlights
I know you have taken in a lot of information in the few short days that school has been back in session. I share here highlights from the Institute Day opening message that I'd like to reiterate with you. 
I firmly believe it is important to begin the new year with our feet set firmly on the foundation of who we are as a school district.

We honor the past of those staff members and students who came before us.

We embrace the present by providing the best possible educational experience for the students entrusted into our care today.

And we create the future by preparing these students for what comes next and by assuring our schools are ready for the 6th, 7th and 8th graders that will be at our doorsteps in a few short years.

This is all done with a focus on  providing rigorous coursework that challenges students to grow. This is done by making what we teach relevant to our students today and to their future. This is done through relationships that encourage, challenge and support students both in their academic pursuits and in the sometimes challenging process of growing into young adults.

At the center of all that we do are our students as we develop Successful Schools for Successful Students.
School Board President Rick Nogal shared one of his favorite quotes about education with the staff of 900 gathered for Institute Day.
"Everyone is born into the world to do something unique and something distinctive...and, if he or she does not do it, it will never be done," Dr. Benjamin May.
This quote embodies what has been and continues to be the mission of Consolidated High School District 230: To help identify and develop the fullest potential of each and every on one of our students. So that they may realize their unique and distinctive potential, he continued.
Teachers' Association President Michelle Etchason shared that she has given a lot of thought to Growth Mindset following the Spring Institute Day. What gives us determination and perseverance to challenge ourselves to overcome obstacles? How we keep going when times are tough. How we can be inspired by others and ow we can be sources of inspiration to others. She shared the grit story of Sandburg graduate Tim Lalla who while bike riding across America to raise funds for needy college students was hit by a car. Tim joined us for the morning activities as a testament to perseverance.
I concluded my remarks saying, We instill our best effort in everything we do. We make each math class the best it can be. We make each phone call, each email, each communication with a parent, student or community member the best is can be. Like Mr. Holland supports Gertrude, we support each student where they are and help them grow into the person they will become.

We teach. We support. We coach. We advise. We lead. With our whole heart and we continue to make an impact. An impact that many times we don't see the end result of. An impact that shapes our world. An impact that becomes the next artist, engineer, author, craftsman, mechanic, lawyer, scholar, teacher or governor. We create a legacy. We impact their future. This is who we are.
Innovative Learning in District 230
Off to a Great Start!
A quick look on Twitter shows it's been a great start to the school year! Thanks for sharing these great pictures. This is who we are!


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