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District 230 School Board approves three year contract with teachers’ association

The Consolidated High School District 230 School Board approved a three-year labor contract with the 550-member teachers’ association. ...Read More


Lighting a torch, power of learning

“As you begin this school year, please take time to think about the torch that you represent in our schools and in the lives of our students,” said Superintendent Dr. James M. Gay at the 2016-17 Institute Day opening ceremony to a crowd of nearly 900 staff members. ...Read More


Biannual Report Summer 2016

Look for the Biannual Report in mailboxes and on the websites! ...Read More


Documentary features Stagg High School: empathy through storytelling

University of Illinois College of Media Instructor and Director Kenneth R. Erdey will host a premiere of his documentary, Voices of Stagg, that followed 60 Stagg High School seniors as they created and published their book, 111th and Roberts: Where Our Stories Intersect. ...Read More


State Budget Impasse

As you may know by now the impasse at the State of Illinois Capitol continues as legislators and the Governor were unable to reach agreement on a budget. In the coming days you will hear a great deal of speculation pertaining to whether schools will open in the fall. ...Read More


Final Exam Schedule - Spring 2016

Final Exam Schedule - Spring 2016 Download Document


Video - Empower Teens to Make Good Choices

Empower Teens to Make Good Choices Live Video ...Read More


District 230 teachers explore enhanced curriculum updates and innovative teaching methods

“District teachers are committed to ensuring the success and achievement of all students in District 230,” said District Curriculum Director Dr. Stacey Gonzales. "As a parent, community member and employee of District 230, I am confident that District 230 continues to deliver a high-quality curriculum for all of its students." ...Read More


School Funding Letter from Board & Administration

The District 230 School Board and Administration continue to advocate for the best interest of our students, staff, and community. We share this letter with you to keep you informed about the topic of school funding in Illinois and how proposed budget plans would impact our local community. Sincerely, School Board President Richard Nogal and Superintendent Dr. James M. Gay ...Read More


Registration fee stable for 10th straight year

The District 230 School Board approved keeping the student registration fee the same as it has been for the past decade at $225. In 2007, the school board lowered the registration fee by streamlining a number of ad hoc fees in favor of one consistent fee for all students. Since that time, the fee has not been raised. ...Read More

Results: 24 Articles found.
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