Building and Finance Committee

The Building and Finance Committee systematically reviews the financial condition of the district and makes recommendations to the School Board on matters of district finance. This committee also oversees all building projects within the district and advises the School Board on the progress of those projects. 

Committee Membership

Tony Serratore, Chair
Susan Dalton, Vice Chair
Patrick O'Sullivan, Board Representative
Kate Murphy-Peterson, Board Representative
Rick Nogal, Ex Officio Member
Dr. James Gay, Superintendent
John Lavelle, Assistant Superintendent Business Services
Bob Hughes, Director Building and Grounds
Deborah Baker, Principal
Eric Olsen, Principal
Robert Nolting, Principal
Todd Allen, Teachers' Association Representative
Jim Duffy, Teachers' Association Representative
Mark Lobes, Teachers' Association Representative
Keith Alberts, ESP Association Representative
Louis Sedlacek, CS Community Representative
Rita Kahle, CS Community Representative
James Box, CS Community Representative
Rich Piatchek, VJA Community Representative
Kathleen Mahoney, VJA Community Representative
Mike Mangin, VJA Community Representative
Debra Chafee, AAS Community Representative
Steve Barstatis, AAS Community Representative
Barbara Kopca, AAS Community Representative
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