Digital Citizenship

It is critcal that we teach our students to use technology responsible in todays world. We have taken an active role with a partnership with Common Sense Media to address these critical life skills. Our intial focus was centered on two key areas:


Students learn that cruelty can escalate quickly online because people are often anonymous and posts spread quickly.
Students will be able to ...
  • reflect on the factors that intensify online cruelty and cyberbullying.
  • identify what targets and upstanders can do when online cruelty occurs.
  • recognize their own role in escalating or de-escalating online cruelty.
Students are introduced to the benefits of sharing information online and the potential risks of sharing inappropriate information.
Students will be able to ...
  • identify some of the benefits of sharing information online.
  • reflect on the risks of sharing inappropriate information online.
  • think critically about what they choose to post and share about themselves online.


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