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StaffJob TitlePhoneContact
Anthony, Scott Management Information Systems Manager 708-745-5203 x5250
Besbekos, Phyllis Payroll & Benefits Manager 708-745-5203 x5229
Brysch, Sharon Instructional Services Assistant 708-745-5203 x5217
Caruso, Mike Network Administrator 708-745-5203 x5240
Connolly, John Chief Technology Officer 708-745-5203 x5253
Cosenza, Traycee Bookkeeper 708-745-5203 x5231
Coyle, Angie Head Bookkeeper 708-745-5203 x5234
DeGonia, Laurel Instructional Services Assistant 708-745-5203 x5226
Dryier, Kim Assistant Superintendent for Instruction 708-745-5203 x5215
Erdey, Carla Director of Communications 708-745-5203 x5222
Forberg, Marge Human Resources Secretary 708-745-5203 x5243
Ganta, Christine Secretary to Assistant Superintendent for Business Services 708-745-5203 x5241
Gay, James Superintendent 708-745-5203 x5210
Gonzales, Stacey Director of Curriculum & Instruction 708-745-5203 x5218
Gonzalez, Marce Operations Manager 708-745-5203 x5225
Hinojosa, Fran Instructional Services Assistant 708-745-5203 x5214
Hughes, Bob Director of Facilities 708-745-5203 x5235
Huish, Susan Human Resources Secretary 708-745-5203 x5249
Keating, David District Maintenance Supervisor 708-745-5203 x4195
Langevin, Ed Coordinator of Transportation Services 708-745-5203 x5216
Lavelle, John Assistant Superintendent for Business Services 708-745-5203 x5252
Molitor, Anne Receptionist/Switchboard Operator 708-745-5203 x5242
Nagel, Tammy Secretary to Director of Facilities 708-745-5203 x5237
Nelson, Terri Application Analyst 708-745-5203 x5251
Palacios, Edgar Special Program Coordinator 708-745-5203 x5212
Peronto, Kevin Intern for Business Services 708-745-5203 
Pindelski, Lisa Superintendent Secretary 708-745-5203 x5211
RueterCox, Dawn Director of Assessment & Data 708-745-5203 x5245
Schaffer, Mary Ellen Temp Administer for Student Services 708-745-5203 
Shulman, Lisa Director of Student Services 708-745-5203 x5220
Singraber, Maureen Secretary to Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources 708-745-5203 x5239
Sokol, Mary Messenger/Scanner 708-745-5203 x5244
Soukup, Deena Accounts Payable Bookkeeper 708-745-5203 x5230
Wagner, Tera Director of Finance 708-745-5203 x5228
Warner, Donna Administrative Assistant to the Chief Technology Officer 708-745-5203 x5224
Wheaton, Julia Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources 708-745-5203 x5213
Wilkerson, Seth Technology Support and Device Manager 708-745-5203 x5227
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