Holzinger's art on display in national Capitol



Recent Andrew High School graduate, Emily Holzinger, has always had an interest in art. However, when she took a black and white photography class her junior year, a passion for art started to grow. Holzinger has an amazing talent, and it has been widely recognized in the past year. Her photo, “Simply Stated” can be viewed at the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago, as well as the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

“When I first heard the big news that my photo was going to be hanging in the Capitol Building, I couldn't believe it. I felt out of this world” said Holzinger. “I kept thinking about how many other teen artists I was up against for this prestigious opportunity.” She also had the opportunity to fly to Washington D.C. to view her art. She explained how rewarding yet humbling of anexperience it was to see her photo on the wall amongst all the other student artist's work from around the country. Holzinger expressed what a great feeling it is to know that thousands of visitors will get to see her art and pass by it every day.  

Holzinger explains that she has not only had inspiration from other artists, but from her own physical and mental growth and her peers as well. She also speaks very highly of her art teachers and everything they have taught her. “They taught me to remember that everyone wants different things and in the future many people will want certain things from me and my art, however, I have to remember to make my art for myself and not anyone else.”

Holzinger is very excited to be attending the School of the Art Institute in the fall. Although she has a huge passion for photography, she also wants to get back into sculpting, drawing and print making. She is also looking forward to trying new things as well such as fashion, painting, ceramics and performance arts. “I am very excited for what the future brings me” said Holzinger. 

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