2.125 - Board Member Expenses


 School Board members provide volunteer service to the community and may not receive compensation for services, except that a Board member serving as the Board Secretary may be paid an amount up to the statutory limit if the Board so provides. 


The Board may advance or reimburse members the actual and necessary expenses incurred while attending: 

1.         Meetings sponsored by the Illinois State Board of Education or by the Regional Superintendent of Schools;

2.         County or regional meetings and the annual meeting sponsored by any school board association complying with Article 23 of the School Code; and

3.         Meetings sponsored by an organization in the field of public school education.

In addition, the Board may reimburse a member for registration fees or tuition for a course that allowed the member to comply with the mandatory training described in policy 2:120, Board Member Development. 

Expense reimbursement is not guaranteed and Board members should seek pre-approval of expenses, except in situations when the expense is diminutive.   A Board member must return to the District any portion of an expense advance not used.  Members must submit an itemized, signed voucher to support any expense advanced or to seek expense reimbursement.  The voucher must show the amount of actual expense, attaching receipts if possible.  A Board member submitting a bill for a group function should record participating members’ names on the receipt.  Money shall not be advanced or reimbursed for:  (1) the expenses of any person except the Board member, or (2) anyone’s personal expenses.

The Superintendent shall review the submitted vouchers for compliance with this policy.   If any voucher’s compliance appears uncertain, the Superintendent shall notify the Board President or Vice President if the voucher in question is from the President, as well as the Board member who submitted the voucher.  The Superintendent shall include the voucher in the monthly list of bills that is presented to the Board for approval or rejection.



When possible, registration fees will be paid by the District in advance.


The least expensive transportation will be used, providing that no hardship will be caused to the Board member.  Board members will be reimbursed for:

1.         Air travel at the coach or single class commercial airline rate.  First class air travel will be reimbursed only if emergency circumstances warrant.  The emergency circumstances must be explained on the expense voucher.  Copies of airline tickets must be attached to the expense voucher.

2.         Rail or bus travel at actual cost.  Rail or bus travel costs may not exceed the cost of coach airfare.  Copies of tickets will be attached to the expense voucher to substantiate amounts.

3.         Use of personal automobiles at the standard mileage rate approved by the Internal Revenue Service for income tax purposes.  The reimbursement may not exceed the cost of coach airfare. Mileage for use of personal automobiles in trips to and from transportation terminals will also be reimbursed.  Toll charges and parking costs will be reimbursed.

4.         Automobile rental costs when the vehicle’s use is warranted.  The circumstances for such use must be explained on the expense voucher.

5.         Taxis, airport limousines, or other local transportation costs.

Hotel/Motel Charges

Board members should request conference rate or mid-fare room accommodations.  A single room rate will be reimbursed.  Board members should pay personal expenses at checkout.  If that is impossible, deductions for the charges should be made on the expense voucher.

Meal Charges

Meal charges to the School District should represent mid-fare selections for the hotel/meeting facility or general area.   Tips are included with the meal charges.  Expense vouchers must explain the meal charges incurred.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Board members may seek reimbursement for other expenses incurred while attending a meeting sponsored by organizations described herein by fully describing the expenses on the expense voucher, attaching receipts if possible.

LEGAL REF.:  105 ILCS 5/10-20 and 5/10-22.32.

CROSS REF.: 2:100; 2:120; 2:120; and 4:50

ADOPTED:     October 4, 1999

REVISED:       August 19, 2002; October 25, 2007, October 30, 2014; December 22, 2016

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