3:10 - Goals and Objectives

The Superintendent directs the administration in order to manage the School District and to facilitate the implementation of a quality educational program in alignment with Board Policy 1:30, School District Philosophy. Specific goals and objectives are to:
  1. effectively and efficiently manage the District's programs and buildings;
  2. provide educational expertise;
  3. develop and maintain channels for communication between the school and community;
  4. develop an administrative procedures manual implementing School Board policy;
  5. skillfully manage the District’s fiscal and business activities;
  6. plan, organize, implement, and evaluate educational programs, and
  7. meet or exceed student performance and academic improvement goals established by the School Board.
LEGAL REF.: 105 ILCS 5/10-16.7, 5/10-21.4 and 5/10-21.4a.
CROSS REF.: 1:30, 2:20, 2:130, 3:40, 3:50, 3:60, 6:10
ADOPTED: October 4, 1999
REVISED: April 26, 2007
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