4.160 - Hazardous & Infectious Materials

Hazardous Materials
The Superintendent or a designee shall prepare a list of toxic substances used by District employees and develop procedures for their proper and safe containment and use. The list of toxic substances must include those contained in the definition of “toxic substance” in the Toxic Substances Disclosure to Employees Act as well as those listed in Illinois Department of Labor regulations.
The Superintendent is directed to provide District personnel with procedures and training on the purchase, storage, use, transportation, and disposal of hazardous materials. Emergency response and evacuation plans will be a part of the procedures.
District staff shall substitute non-hazardous material for hazardous substances whenever possible and minimize the quantity of hazardous substances stored in school facilities. Material containing toxic substances may be used only if properly labeled according to State law.
The Superintendent or a designee shall ensure that before any staff member begins a position requiring work with hazardous materials on a regular basis, he or she attends an approved training course.
Infectious Materials
The Superintendent or a designee shall prepare and distribute to all employees an Occupational Exposure Control Plan to eliminate or minimize occupational exposure to potentially infectious materials. The Plan shall be reviewed and updated by the Superintendent at least annually. The Plan shall address the following issues:
  • exposure determination;
  • implementation schedule; and
  • procedures for evaluating an exposure incident.
LEGAL REF.: 29 C.F.R. Part 1910.1030, as adopted by the Illinois Department of Labor, 56 Ill. Admin. Code § 350.280.
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CROSS REF.: 4:160-R

ADOPTED: October 4, 1999
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