4.171 - Video Surveillance on School Property

The School District authorizes the use of video surveillance in public areas of school buildings, grounds, and other property, including, but not limited to entryways, other instructional areas such as labs, storage areas, school buses, and areas outside the building on District property for the primary purpose of documenting disciplinary problems and vandalism on school grounds.  Video cameras will not be placed in restrooms, locker rooms, changing rooms or any other location prohibited by law.  The intent of the video surveillance is to reduce disciplinary problems and protect school property.  Video recordings shall not include an audio component.  

Staff, students, and parents shall be notified, in writing, in handbooks, or as otherwise determined appropriate by the District Administration, that video cameras will be used on school property.  Signs shall be placed in school buildings indicating that video recording devices may be used on the property.

The Administration will take appropriate action based in whole or in part on video recording evidence of misconduct.  The video recording shall not be maintained as student records, except as such video recording is used in the course of student disciplinary proceedings or for other good reason as determined by the Superintendent.

LEGAL REF.: 720 ILCS 5/26-4.

ADOPTED: April 24, 2008

REVISED: December 17, 2010

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