5.200 - Working Conditions

Per Diem Rate of Pay, Teacher’s Day, Salary, Teacher Assignments, Evaluation, Staff Cutbacks, Overload Assignments, Miscellaneous Assignments

Please refer to the “Current Agreement Between the School Board of Consolidated High School District No. 230 and the District No. 230 Teachers’ Association.”

Duty-Free Lunch

Teachers employed for at least 4 hours per day shall receive a duty-free lunch equivalent to the student lunch period, or 30 minutes, whichever is longer.

School Year and Day

Teachers shall work accordingly to the school calendar adopted by the School Board, which shall have a minimum of 176 student attendance days and a minimum of 180 teacher work days, including teacher institute days.  The District accommodates employees who are nursing mothers according to provisions in the Nursing Mothers in the Workplace Act. P.A. 92-0068.

LEGAL REF.:  P.A. 92-0068 (Nursing Mothers in the Workplace Act)

105 ILCS 5/10-19, 5/18-8, 5/24-2, 5/24-8, 5/24-9, 5/24-21, 5/24A-4 and 5/24A-5.

Metzl v. Leininger, 57 F.3d 618 (7th Cir. 1995).

CROSS REF.: 4.100, 5.290

ADOPTED: October 4, 1999REVISED: August 19, 2002; March 2017 (formatting revision only)

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