5.310 - Compensatory Time-Off

This policy governs the use of compensatory time-off by employees who: (1) are covered by the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 U.S.C. §-201 et seq., and (2) are not represented by an exclusive bargaining representative.
Employees may be given 1-1/2 hours of compensatory time-off in lieu of cash payment for each hour of overtime worked. Other than as provided below, at no time may an employee’s accumulated compensatory time-off exceed 30 hours, which represents compensation for 20 hours of overtime. If an employee accrues the maximum number of compensatory time-off hours, an employee is paid for any additional overtime hours worked at the rate of one and one-half times the employee's regular hourly rate of pay.
An employee who has accrued compensatory time shall be permitted to use such time in hourly components provided such requests do not unduly disrupt the District’s operations. All requests for compensatory time-off must be approved by the employee's supervisor.
Upon termination of employment, an employee will be paid for unused compensatory time at the final regular rate received by such employee.
Compensatory time-off is time during which the employee is not working and is, therefore, not counted as "hours worked" for purposes of overtime compensation.
LEGAL REF.: Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 U.S.C. §-201 et seq.; 29 C.F.R. Part 553.
CROSS REF.: 5:35, 5:270

ADOPTED: October 4, 1999
REVISED: January 27, 2005
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