5.320 - Evaluation

The Superintendent is responsible for designing and implementing a program for evaluating the job performance of each educational support staff member according to standards contained in Board policies as well as in compliance with State law and any applicable collective bargaining agreement. The standards for the evaluation program shall include, but not be limited to:
  1. Each employee shall be evaluated annually, preferably before the annual salary review.
  2. The direct supervisor shall provide a copy of the completed evaluation to the employee and shall provide an opportunity for discussion.
  3. The employee’s work quality, promptness, attendance, reliability, conduct, judgment, and cooperation shall be considered.
  4. All evaluations shall comply with State and federal law and any applicable collective bargaining agreement.
CROSS REF.: 5:10, 5:150
ADOPTED: October 4, 1999
REVISED: September 2004; February 22, 2007
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