5.330 - Sick Days, Vacation, Holidays, & Leaves

Please refer to the “Current Agreement Between the Consolidated High School District 230 School Board and Food Service Employees International Union, Local No. 73;” and “Current Contract Between the Consolidated High School District 230 School Board and the Educational Support Professionals’ Association.”


In addition to the Contracts:


1.    After three days absence for personal illness, or as it may be deemed necessary in other cases, the School Board may require  a physician’s certificate from a physician licensed in Illinois to practice medicine and surgery in all its branches, an advanced practice nurse who has a written collaborative agreement with a collaborating physician that authorizes the advanced practice nurse to perform health examinations, a physician assistant who has been delegated the authority by his or her supervising physician to perform health examinations, or if the treatment is by prayer or spiritual means, that of a spiritual adviser or practitioner of such person’s faith as a basis for pay.  If such a certificate is required, the District shall pay any expenses incurred in securing it.

2.    Educational support personnel receive Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday and Casimir Pulaski’s Birthday off without pay.  The District may require educational support personnel to work on a school holiday during an emergency or for the continued operation and maintenance of facilities or property.

3.    Personal leave may not be used in increments of less quarterly hour increments.

4.    Educational support personnel shall receive the same military and General Assembly leaves that are granted professional staff.

5.    Educational support personnel receive school visitation leave on the same terms and conditions granted professional staff

6.    Educational support personnel receive a leave for victims of domestic or sexual violence on the same terms and conditions granted professional staff.


Employees Not Covered Under the Above-Referenced Agreements


The benefits for employees not covered under the above-referenced agreements will be approved annually by the School Board and will minimally include all benefits provided in referenced agreements.


LEGAL REF.:    105 ILCS 5/10-20.7b, 5/24-2, and 5/24-6.

                        820 ILCS 147/1 et seq.

CROSS REF.:   5:185, 5:250

ADOPTED:       October 4, 1999

REVISED:         March 25, 2004; October 24, 2005; January 26, 2006; February 23, 2017

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