5.70 - Religious Observance Leave

An employee whose religion requires special observance or attendance at religious services during work hours may use the personal leave time that is available to him/her for this purpose. After the use of this time, one additional day of religious leave may be used as follows:
A. For administrators and teacher’s bargaining unit members, the additional one day will be available through the use of a sick leave day on a trade-off basis.

B. For educational support personnel, the additional one day will be available on the basis of trade-off time. Specifically, the employee may chose to make up the hours lost on the job at (a) time(s) that he/she requests, with the approval of the Building Principal.
In order to qualify for this additional day of religious leave, the personal leave form completed by the employee must indicate use for religious observance. Written notification, by use of the personal leave form, must be made to the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources or designee at least five employment days prior to the requested leave day. If the employee meets the requirements of this policy, no loss in pay will result for the employee.
ADOPTED: October 4, 1999
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