6.180 - Extended Instructional Programs

The District may offer the following programs in accordance with State Law and the District’s educational philosophy:
1.    Child care and training center for pre-school children
2.    Tutorial program
3.    Adult education program
4.    Pre-apprenticeship programs
5.    Outdoor education program
6.    Summer school, whether for credit or not
7.    Independent study, whether for credit or not
8.    Chemically dependent prevention program for students who are, or whose parents/guardians are, chemically                      dependent
9.    Activities to address intergroup conflicts
10.  Volunteer service credit program
11.  Vocational academy.
Test Preparation Opportunities (CURRENTLY POLICY 6:185)
Principals are authorized to implement programs designed to assist students in the preparation of standardized tests such as ACT and PSAT.
Such Programs will be designed to provide equitable opportunities for interested or targeted students, be self-supporting via family/student contribution based to cover the contractual hourly rate of pay for teachers as well as the cost of materials and supplies and will be include a program evaluation process to determine effectiveness.
LEGAL REF.:       105ILCS 5/10-22.18a, 5/22.18b, 5/22.18c, 5/10-22.20, 5/10-22.20b, 5/10-22.20c, 5/10-22.22a,
                               5/10 22.29, 5/10-22.33A, 5/10-22.33B, 5/10-23.2, 5/27-22.1, 5/27-22.3, 5/27-23.6, 110/3,
                               and 433/1 et seq. 23 Ill. Admin. Code §1.450(b).
CROSS REF.:      6:310, 6:320
ADOPTED:           October 4, 1999
REVISED:             September 2002; June 29, 2006; October 28, 2010; November 29, 2012.
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