6.270 - Guidance & Counseling Program

The School District will provide guidance and counseling services to every student to assist in planning educational programs in keeping with student skills, motivation, and interests.
The guidance program will assist students in post-high school planning and in identifying career options consistent with their abilities, interests, and personal values. Students will meet with counselors to develop specific curriculum goals which conform to the student’s career objectives.
Students will have opportunities to receive career-oriented information. Representatives from colleges and universities, occupational training institutions and career-oriented recruiters, including the military, may be given access to the school campus in order to provide students and parent(s)/guardian(s) with information.
LEGAL REF.: 23 Ill. Admin. Code §§1.420(1) and 1.420(b)
CROSS REF.: 6:110, 7:250
ADOPTED: October 4, 1999
REVISED: December 18, 2004
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