6.310 - Credit for Alternative Courses & Programs, and Course Substitutions

Students may be awarded credit for courses in a variety of nontraditional high school settings.  The maximum number of credits earned may vary based on the individual needs of the student.  All approved alternative courses will be reflected on students’ high school transcripts.

In-district opportunities include:


On-Line Courses Beyond Credit Recovery


A student enrolled in an On-Line course beyond Credit Recovery may receive high school credit for work completed provided:


  1. The student maintains a 70% mastery rate throughout the course; and
  2. The student passes a comparable District 230 final examination.


Outside of district opportunities include:


Correspondence Courses

A student enrolled in a correspondence course may receive high school credit for work completed provided:

  1. The course is given by an institution accredited by the North Central Association for Colleges and Secondary Schools; and
  2. The course is approved in advance by the Building Principal


Virtual High School Courses


  1. Students must have sophomore or higher status;
  2. Typical prerequisites assigned to similar courses must be met unless waived by District 230 High School Administration;
  3. Virtual High School Courses must be approved in advance by the Building Principal based on alignment with State Standards, lack of District 230 High School offerings to meet students’ needs, curriculum availability in district, and the individual needs of the student.


Technology Needs

  1. Illinois Virtual High School can be accessed at home or school via the Internet;
  2. Access to computers will be provided in the school setting;
  3. Email addresses are necessary to communicate with Illinois Virtual High School Instructor.



Illinois Virtual Course Assessment

  1. Final exams must be taken with a certified proctor to be determined by District 230 High School Administration;
  2. Illinois Virtual High School staff will alert District 230 High School registrar (Head Counselor) of any suspected misuse of the Illinois Virtual High School system.

Dual-Enrollment College Courses

A student who successfully completes college courses may receive high school credit, provided:

  1. The course is approved in advance by the school guidance counselor and the Building Principal;
  2.  the course allows the student to remain on track for high school graduation;
  3. the course allows the student to complete an early graduation plan; or
  4. the course is not offered in the high school curriculum.


Dual-Credit Courses

A student who successfully completes courses designated as a dual-credit may receive high school and college credit provided the guidelines for dual-credit courses have been followed.


Language Courses

A student may receive high school credit by studying foreign language in an approved ethnic school program, provided such program meets the minimum standards established by the State Board of Education.

The amount of credit will be based on foreign language proficiency achieved.  The Building Principal may require a student seeking foreign language credit to successfully complete a foreign language proficiency examination.


Youth Apprenticeship Vocational Educational Program

Students participating in the Youth Apprenticeship Vocational Education Program may earn credit toward graduation for work-related training received at manufacturing facilities or agencies.


Grades and Credits

Grades awarded for completion of all approved courses will be recorded on transcripts as letter grades and will be used to compute a student’s GPA. Appropriate credit will be awarded for all approved courses. Pass/Fail courses will be recorded as such and not included in the GPA.



Students/families are to assume full cost of enrollment in Correspondence Courses, Illinois Virtual High School courses, Dual-Enrollment College Courses, and Dual-Credit Courses.


Exchange Programs

Diplomas will be granted to exchange students when the criteria for graduation established by the State of Illinois and the Board of Education have been successfully met.  The Board of Education may grant a certificate of attendance to exchange students.

District students will receive academic credit for foreign exchange courses that meet the criteria established in the curriculum and that are approved by the Building Principal.  International study course work not meeting District requirements may be placed in the student’s permanent record and recorded as an international study experience.


Substitutions for Physical Education, Adapted Physical Education, and Other Required Courses

Students may be excused from daily physical education for the following reasons:

  1. Ongoing participating in interscholastic sports.  Students will be exempted from P.E. during the length of their season and assigned to a study hall.
  2. Participation in an ongoing marching band program.  Students will be exempted from P.E. during the length of their season and assigned to a study hall.
  3. Enrollment in a Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program (105 ILCS 5/27-6).  Students will be exempted from P.E. during the length of their season and assigned to a study hall.
  4. Enrollment in a specific academic class not included in existing graduation requirements in order to be granted admission to a specific college or university. (11th & 12th grade students only)
  5. Enrollment in courses necessary to meet graduation requirements provided that failure to take such courses would result in the student being unable to graduate. (11th & 12th grade students only)


A student requiring adapted physical education must receive that service in accordance with the student’s Individualized Educational Program/Plan (IEP).

A student who is eligible for special education may be excused from physical education courses when: 

1.         He or she is in grades 9-12, and his or her IEP requires that special education support and services be provided during physical education time, and the student’s parent/guardian agrees or the IEP team makes the determination;

2.         He or she has an IEP and is participating in an adaptive athletic program outside of the school setting, and the parent/guardian documents the student’s participation as required by the Superintendent or designee.


                        LEGAL REF.:    105 ILCS 5/2-3.44, 5/2-3.108, 5/2-3.115, 5/2-3.142, 5/10-22.43a, 5/27-6, 5/27-22.3, and 5/27-                   5/27-22.05.

                                                23 III. Admin. Code §§ 1.420(p), 1.440(j), and 1:440(c)


            CROSS REF:    6:180, 6:300, 6:320; 7:260


            ADOPTED:       February 7, 2000


            REVISED:         June 30, 2003; December 18, 2004; February 28, 2008; April 30, 2009; January 28, 

                                       2010; June 28, 2012; January 29, 2015, June 2018

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