6.40 - Curriculum Development



The Superintendent shall recommend a comprehensive curriculum that is aligned with:

  1. The District’s educational philosophy and goals;

  2. The student needs as identified by research, demographics, and student achievement and other data;

  3. The knowledge, skills, and abilities required for students to become life-long learners;

  4. The minimum requirements of State and federal law and regulations for curriculum and graduation requirements;

  5. The curriculum of non-District schools that feed into District 230, provided that the necessary cooperation and information is available;

  6. The Illinois State Learning Standards and any District learning standards;

  7. Any required State or federal student testing;


The School Board will adopt, upon recommendation of the Superintendent, a curriculum that meets the above criteria.


Pilot Projects


The Superintendent may recommend pilot projects for Board consideration.  Proposals must include goals, material needs, anticipated expenses, and an evaluation process.  The Superintendent shall submit to the Board periodic progress reports for programs that exceed one year in duration and a final evaluation with recommendation upon the program’s completion.


Single-Gender Classes and Activities


The Superintendent may recommend a program of non-vocational single-gender classes and/or activities to provide diverse educational opportunities and/or meet students’ identified educational needs.  Participation in the classes or activities must be voluntary, both genders must be treated with substantial equality, and the program must otherwise comply with State and federal law and with Board Policy 7:10, Equal Educational Opportunities.  The Superintendent or designee must periodically evaluate any single-gender class or activity to ensure that: (1) it does not rely on overly broad generalizations about the different talents, capabilities, or preferences of either gender, and (2) it continues to comply with State and federal law and with Board Policy 7:10.




The Superintendent, or designee, shall develop a curriculum review program to monitor the current curriculum and suggest changes to make the curriculum more effective, to take advantage of improved teaching methods and materials, and to be responsive to social change, technological developments, student needs, and community expectations.


The Superintendent, or designee, shall report to the Board as appropriate the curriculum review program’s efforts to:


  1. Regularly evaluate the curriculum and instructional programs.

  2. Ensure the curriculum continues to meet the stated adoption criteria.

  3. Include input from a cross-section of teachers, administrators, parents/guardians, and students, representing all schools, grade levels, disciplines, and specialized and alternative programs.

  4. Coordinate with the process for evaluating the instructional program and materials.

Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines


The Superintendent, or designee, shall develop and will provide subject area curriculum guides to appropriate staff members.


LEGAL REF.: General Education Provisions Act, 20 U.S.C. § 1232g.

105 ILCS 5/10-20.8 and 5/10-19.


CROSS REF.: 6:60, 6:65, 6:70, 6:80, 6:90, 6:100, 6:110, 6:120, 6:130, 6:140, 6:145, 6:150, 6:160, 6:170, 6:180, 7:10, 7:15.


ADOPTED: October 4, 1999


REVISED: March 24, 2005; January 25, 2007; November 29, 2007; July 20, 2015 (cross reference revision only)


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