8.40 - Spectator Conduct & Sportsmanship for Athletic & Co-Curricular Events

Any individual, including an adult, who behaves in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner during any school event or meeting, including Board meetings, may be ejected from the event or meeting. The individual is also subject to being denied admission to school events or meetings for up to one calendar year provided the procedures contained in the policy are followed. Examples of unsportsmanlike or disruptive conduct include, but are not limited to:
• Using vulgar or obscene language;
• Possessing or being under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or illegal substance;
• Possessing a weapon, or any object that can reasonably be considered, or looks like, a weapon;
• Fighting or otherwise striking or threatening another person;
• Failing to obey the instructions of a security officer or school district employee; and
• Engaging in any activity that is illegal or disruptive.
Procedures to Deny Future Admission to School Events or Meetings
Before any individual may be denied admission to school events or meetings as provided in this policy, the individual has a right to a hearing before the Board. The Superintendent or designee must provide the individual with a hearing notice, delivered or sent by certified mail with return receipt requested, at least 10 days before the School Board hearing date. The hearing notice must contain:
  1. the date, time, and place of the Board hearing;
  2. a description of the unsportsmanlike or disruptive conduct;
  3. the proposed time period that admission to school events will be denied; and
  4. instructions on how to waiver a hearing.
LEGAL REF.: 105 ILCS 5/24-24.
Nuding v. Cerro Gordo C.U.School Dist., 730 N.E.2d 96 (Ill.App. 4, 2000).
ADOPTED: October 4, 1999
REVISED: February 22, 2007
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