Superintendent's Message

Delegation of educators from China 
tours our school
We had a great time showcasing each of our campuses this week as a delegation of educators from China toured our schools. The visitors were interested in how American schools work especially as it relates to differentiating for students' learning needs, technology integration and school culture. I am incredibly grateful for the students, staff and administrators who opened the doors to our guests and showed them all of the wonderful learning opportunities here!
We split the tour into three sections: elective offerings, core courses and co-curriculars.
Andrew High School was the first stop of the two day visit. The afternoon began by welcoming our visitors as students highlighted the many elective courses available to students.  AP Biology and Technology Innovation Facilitator (TIF), Tracy Sukalo and Chief Technology Officer John Connolly also answered technology question. Following our Q and A session, we toured the Media Center, Wood Working class and an Advanced Art class.  In the Media Center, our guests were interested in the technology process for checking out and returning books. The use of a translation app on a phone assisted in communication.
On Thursday, our tour continued at Stagg where we focused on core course offerings to provide our visitors with an overview of the classes that students take for graduation. Members of the Stagg Administrative Team provided an overview and answered questions before we visited several classrooms including English, Social Studies, Math and Science where students interacted directly with the group answering their questions about their classes and student life. And, they took many pictures along the way.

We then traveled to Sandburg where the focus was on co-curricular offerings. Thank you to School Board Member Sue Dalton for joining us on this leg of the tour. Following lunch, we toured many of the extracurricular spaces including the pool, gyms, art classes, choir room and Performing Arts Center. One delegate shared a paint brush as a student showed him a blending technique. Our visitors then heard directly from students involved in a variety of clubs and sports about why they enjoy being involved and how it benefits them as students. The SuperFanz even lead our guests in a round of the rollercoaster cheer they do at games in the student section. You can see a video of that here. Members of the Sandburg Administrative Team also answered questions for the group. 
These visits were truly appreciated by our guests. They spoke very highly of the staff and students they met and their passion for connecting. Seeing the excitement for learning in our schools is always energizing for me. I thank each of you who we encountered over the two day visit for your hospitality, interest and willingness to share! 


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