Information Center

Consolidated High School District 230 is committed to transparency with the community regarding district business. In conjunction with the Illinois Policy Institute's 10-point Transparency Checklist, the District provides the following documents on its website. Information in addition to what the Illinois Policy Institute suggests is also included. As the district continues to strive for transparent governance, additional documents will be added to this page.

Elected and Administrative Officials

Meeting Information

Public Records

Understanding School Finance


Financial Audits

Statement of Affairs


Salary and Benefits



The School District and/or its administrators are members of the following professional organizations that may or may not do lobbying: Association of School Curriculum Directors, Council for Exceptional Children, Illinois Alliance for Administrators of Special Education, Illinois Association of School Administrators, Illinois Association of School Boards, Illinois Association of School Business Officials, Illinois Chapter of National School Public Relations Association, Illinois High School District Organization, Illinois Principals Association, National School Public Relations Association, and SCOPE.

Taxes and Fees


Health Information

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