Teen Alcohol and Drug Use

Working Together to Keep Students Safe

Recently, there have been disturbing stories about dangerous and sometimes deadly behavior in which teens in the south suburbs have been engaging. News reports include underage drinking and law enforcement concerns over the increase in availability of drugs, particularly prescription medications and heroin.
District 230 staff and administration have been saddened and moved by these reports. We are asking for your assistance in helping keep the children in our communities safe. We strongly believe that all adults – parents, educators, law enforcement, community and religious leaders – must be vigilant in knowing what teens are involved in when adults are not present.
As a community, we need to work together to help teens make healthy, responsible choices. Our schools work closely with parents, law enforcement, religious and community leaders and social service organizations to prevent teens from making unhealthy choices. In order to be pro-active, we all must continue to work together to protect the safety of our kids.
Please review these articles and resources designed to help parents understand current pressures facing teens and where to access help if a student is in need. Please talk with your children about the dangers of these behaviors.
As always, all of our staff and administration, specifically our school’s guidance counselors, social workers, and student assistance coordinators are available to assist any student or family in need.

Maintaining a safe environment that allows students to learn and grow to their potential is our priority. School, home and community must work together in order to help teens make positive, healthy choices. 

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School Staff Can Help

Guidance Director: Meredith Sheriff- 708-671-3120
Student Assistance Coordinator: Jessica Kaffel - 708-671-4119
Click here to find your child’s Guidance Counselor
Guidance Director: Kathryn Meader - 708-974-7420
Student Assistance Coordinator: Jessica Kaffel - 708-671-4119
Click here to find your child’s Guidance Counselor
Guidance Director: Brian Nolan - 708-342-5820
Student Assistance Coordinator: Tom Fabrizio - 708-342-5844
Click here to find your child’s Guidance Counselor 

Local Treatment Facilities

20635 Abbey Woods Suite 301
Frankfort, Il 60423

Resurrection Behavioral Health
11824 SW Highway Suite 203
Palos Heights, Il 60463

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