Career Clusters

Career ClustersCareer Clusters are groupings of occupations used as an organizing tool for course selection. The career clusters are designed to help students find courses that are aligned to student interests and possible career choices. Instruction in a career cluster prepares learners for a full range of career opportunities within the career cluster, focusing on critical knowledge and skills that are transferable as new opportunities arise and the industry changes. Nationally, 16 career clusters are recognized with 79 career pathways that are sub-groupings of occupations. This collection of career clusters and pathways present a way to categorize thousands of occupations currently available. Programs of study represent a sequence of instruction that prepares students for post-secondary goals and interests.

You can view a listing of the Career Clusters and how they relate to District 230’s curriculum.

The career clusters framework is an approach used by schools to orient career exploration and career guidance, select curriculum offering, show relevance of academic courses, and engage community civic and business leaders in partnerships. This approach differs from a system where schools provide instruction on specific occupations, often separate from the general curriculum. Career Clusters are valuable in supporting effective transitions between secondary and postsecondary education by impacting the design of programs of study offered by a school.

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