Education Committee

The Education Committee monitors the district’s education system in its broadest sense. It acts as a reviewing body for curriculum proposals and district policies. The committee reviews state and federal legislations that impact the district and studies the research findings of professional education associations. It initiates analysis of new issues and is currently exploring methods for preparing students for the future. 

Committee Membership

Patrick O'Sullivan, Chair
Kate Murphy Peterson, Vice-Chair
Melissa Gracias, Board Representative
Denis Ryan, Board Representative
Rick Nogal, Ex Officio Member
Dr. Jim Gay, Superintendent, Ex Officio Member
Dr. Kim Dryier, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
Dr. Stacey Gonzales, Director of Curriculum
Deborah Baker, Principal Sandburg
Eric Olsen, Principal Stagg
Robert Nolting, Principal Andrew
Michelle Etchason, Teachers' Association Representative
Sheli Thoss, Teachers' Association Representative
TBA, ESP Association Representative
Kathleen Zwartz, VJA Community Representative
Susan Haynie, VJA Community Representative
Roseanne Ballard, VJA Community Representative
Kimberly Floss, CS Community Representative
Dr. M Elnatour, CS Community Representative
Janet Donne, CS Community Representative
Zoe Kopanis, AAS Community Representative
Georgia Ailkakos, AAS Community Representative
Audrey Rieland, AAS Community Representative

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